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My TinyGS setup

Projekt >> tinygs.com
Optimal für eine Antenne eigenbau ist wohl eine Frequenz von 436MHz (Antenne). 
TinyGS satellites incl. Frequenz
TinyGS - first Contact

LORA0103 TTGO LoRa32 V2.1_1.6 version 433    
IMG 3348 500x500 Uputronics | 435MHz Cubesat Filtered Preamp    
    Siretta Antenne DELTA22/X/SMAM/S/S/20 SMA-Stecker, 433MHz Stecker Delta 22   
    RS PRO Antenne SMA-Stecker, 433MHz Stecker   
    Flanschmontage für SMA --> m0ukd calculators quarter-wave-ground-plane-antenna-calculator  

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TinyGS Telegram community | published Links

Project >> tinygs.com 


Device / Antenna (copy Paste from TinyGS Telegram)

What is a good antenna for tinyGS?

In general, a good antenna refers to one that can get as strong signal as possible from the satellites. Unfortunately, just like fashion, there is no single antenna fits all. There are some antennas that work well in some situations and other antennas for other situations. We have not even talking about budget yet here. While there are many antennas available in the market, some people prefer to build their own antenna, either for budgetary/availability reason or for self satisfaction reason.

However, you may start with the following antennas to try. Again, there is no guarantee that this will work for you but in general these are what most people are using as their first antennas: 
1. Dipole/closed dipole, a simple two elements antenna, you can build or buy:     

- Rabbit Ear (by @estbhan) https://t.me/c/1448773154/24354


- JPCoax (by @kreatif) https://t.me/c/1448773154/25479


- Modified dipole from online shop (by @PeterPA3PM) https://t.me/c/1448773154/25691 (some people reported success without modification)


2. Quarter Wave antenna (a.k.a Ground Plane)


- http://www.n1gy.com/simple-ground-plane-antennas.html


- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B086YV2QLS/


3. Mobile Antenna, usually a dual band 2m/70cm amateur mobile antenna


- https://www.amazon.com/Tram-1185-Amateur-Dual-Band-Antenna/dp/B0045EQUBK/


- https://www.amazon.com/HYS-Antennas-Dual-Band-UHF-male-Motorola/dp/B08H24P613/


There are many other antennas such as Yagi, Quadrifellar Helix (QFH), BiQuad (Zig Zag), Lindenblad, etc. But you may want to start with the first two above before going further. Hope this helps.

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-  youtube | Circularly Polarized (CP) Antenna For LoRaWAN From Space - Fabien Ferrero (Université Côte d'Azur)

doi.org/10.1155/2014/904708 | Microsatellite Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem Design and Implementation: Software-in-the-Loop Approach
ece3sat | ADCS: Attitude Determination And Control System


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