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Modem Configuration         
   example output
Listening to  Norbi
Modulation  LoRa
Frequency 436.70 436.7MHz    
Spreading Factor 10     Spreading Factor (SF) decides on how many chirps, the carrier of the data, are sent per second. The network decides the spreading factor (graded between 7-12) based on the environmental conditions between the communication device and the gateway. This assumes that the Adaptive Data Rate functionality is switched on, which is recommended for all but the continuously moving devices.  
Coding Rate 5   \displaystyle R_b = SF \frac{\big[\frac{4}{4+CR}\big]}{\big[\frac{2^{SF}}{BW}\big]}   LoRa modulation also adds a forward error correction (FEC) in every data transmission. This implementation is done by encoding 4-bit data with redundancies into 5-bit, 6-bit, 7-bit, or even 8-bit. Using this redundancy will allow the LoRa signal to endure short interferences. The Coding Rate (CR) value need to be adjusted according to conditions of the channel used for data transmission. If there are too many interference in the channel, then it’s recommended to increase the value of CR. However, the rise in CR value will also increase the duration for the transmission 
Bandwidth 250   R_C = BW Bandwidth is the frequency range of the chirp signal used to carry the baseband data. In Figure 1, the Bandwidth can be seen from the width of frequency used between f_{min}  to f_{max} . Aside from that, Bandwidth can also represent chip rate from LoRa signal modulation 
Last Packet Received        
Received at 3:04:05       
Signal RSSI -115.25       
Signal SNR -12.25       
Frequency error 13876.85       

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wikipedia: SNR or S/N | Signal-to-noise ratio
a Homepage (2018): Spreading Factor, Bandwidth, Coding Rate and Bit Rate in LoRa (English)

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